Ashamed to be an Australian!

On a day when Australia lost her greatest Prime Minister with the passing of Gough Whitlam, I was left deeply ashamed when news surfaced of the current conservative governments latest campaign to “stop the boats” as our truly ignorant and uneducated fool masquerading as current PM, Tony Abbott declared.


Australia was a nation stolen by boat people (the English) and then empowered in part by more boat people during the the 20th Century and beyond.

Right at this point in time I feel like handing in my passport and citizenship.  I no longer feel Australian and if this current trend of most distasteful “advertising” by our conservative government continues I no longer want to be considered an Australian.  Coupled with the revolting “love it or leave” slogan that has become prevalent among the obtuse white and proud bogan brigade, it saddens me to see what we have become.

I’ve worked in refugee health services and seen first hand these “illegals” as the uneducated call them coming to terms with life in Australia.  I once helped take care of three small children, aged between 7 and 11 who had been helped to our shores on a boat from Indonesia.  They had witnessed their parents murdered by child soldiers with machetes in the peoples republic of Congo.  Through the good will of generous souls, they arrived in Australia by boat.

What would have happened to these innocent children had Tony Abbott had his way?  I don’t even want to imagine.

More importantly, would you want the “stop the boats” if these were your children?

The time has come to rid Australia of this vile government led by Australia’s worst Prime Minister in history.  Tony Abbott must be ousted at the next federal election.  He has, in just one year since taking office, soiled a once respectable and decent nations pride and dragged it through the mud with his bunch of merry cowboys, hell bent on turning Australia into one of the worlds most hated nations.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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