Airport security? What airport security?

Mrs Bunny was recently on a flight back from Sydney with Tiger Airways.  What unfolded before and during boarding made Australia’s anit-terror laws seem somewhat farcical.

Approximately 30 minutes before departure, she noticed a young woman nearby, of Asian descent with pretty features handing her laptop over to an Indian couple to look after whilst she disappeared into the bustling Sydney airport crowd.  At first it seemed the young woman may have wandered off to the toilet however, as the minutes ticked over, the owner of the laptop had yet to return.

A little cautious of the situation, Mrs Bunny approached the Indian couple to see if they knew the woman in question.  They didn’t.

As passengers began to board the flight the laptop owner still had not returned.  Mrs Bunny then made Tiger staff aware of the situation.  They were not interested.  Before long almost all the passengers had boarded, including the Indian couple, holding the mysterious laptop.  Still no sign of the owner.

Mrs Bunny then made a second attempt to advise the Tiger staff of the situation.  They were still not even remotely interested in the situation at hand.

With everyone on board and doors about to close, the young Asian woman had, at last returned for her laptop and to take her seat.

It was a little concerning with all the terror threats being pushed down our throats by the current conservative government that a woman was allowed to hand her laptop over to two complete strangers, allowing them to board the flight with it whilst staff showed no concerns for the events unfolding.

In an age of heightened security where only two years ago, I witnessed a small child having his plastic pitchfork refused by airport security for safety concerns (he was dressed as a devil for Halloween), it astounds me that this laptop was allowed on board to begin with.

Or is this a case of a society scared by false terror threats from the government and authorities?

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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