37 things I have learnt in 37 years……

So i’ve hit the right side of 30.  Yesterday I turned 37 and was left pondering over the things that I have learnt.  My brain spilled over with thoughts as I have learnt a great deal in my time on planet earth thus far.

And here are 37 lessons (in no particular order) gained in 37 years…….

  • Travel is the most important form of education you an acquire.
  • Friendships are based on quality and not quantity.
  • You are always better off being yourself.  Even if you don’t fit in with the crowd.
  • Governments always lie to you.
  • German’s are the most efficient people on earth.
  • Never stop chasing your dreams and setting goals.
  • If you don’t like your job……leave!
  • Always be kind to others, even if you don’t know them.
  • Money will never make you happy.
  • Lead an active and healthy lifestyle as much as you can.
  • Smart phones are actually dumbing us down.
  • The quicker you pick yourself up after a setback the better off you are.
  • Drugs are bad…..mmmkkk?
  • Always try new things.  You never know what you might like.
  • Religion causes too much heartache and war.
  • Diversity is what makes our lives so exciting.
  • People in authority are not always right.
  • Feeding ducks at the pond is a wonderful stress release.
  • Always keep the communication lines open with your partner.
  • Liverpool is my favourite city in the world.
  • Banks are only interested in stealing your money.
  • The rich are the most selfish people you can come across.
  • Running a marathon is actually rather easy.
  • Animals are a must have in our lives.
  • 1984 by George Orwell is a book everybody should read.
  • The less TV you watch the better off you will be.
  • Tony Abbott is a cunt!
  • You can never read too many books.
  • If you can’t pay cash then you can’t afford it.
  • Don’t fill your world with material possessions.
  • You can never stop helping the poor.
  • David Bowie is the most influential artist of our time.
  • Always pack light when you travel.
  • Racism and homophobia are never cool.
  • You are never too old to have heroes.
  • Be happy with the body you were given and look after it.
  • Do what truly makes you happy!

But, most of all, two Bunnies are better than one!

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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