Shafted by the club they love!

I found this on a Liverpool forum this afternoon and it  perfectly sums up the ticketing system set in place along with the attitude of the club towards long serving supporters who are behind the team rain or shine.

Well, one hour twenty five minutes waiting in the on line queue and no tix available.
19 games last season (and many years previously) and no Cat C games for me this year. I emailed the club yesterday, highlighting the lamentable treatment of loyal fans, but I don’t expect a reply.
The only thing is that I’m about £138 better off financially. Maybe I’ll buy a BT Sports package.
The greatest sadness is, that I’ve decided at the age of 60, that I won’t be shafted over by the club any longer. They don’t want me, who walks, or has a short lift to the game, goes in, buys nothing and has a drink in the Arkles afterwards. They really make it clear with all their public relations stuff, that they aim sales at people who’ll come for “The Matchday Experience” buying loads of branded stuff and food, drinks etc. because that’s what really matters when you’re looking at a spreadsheet, and nothing whatsoever to do with love and passion for our team.
 Those of us who’ve truly supported them for decades, standing in the rain, trying to raise the lads spirits when we struggled, stayed until the bitter end, clapped them off, given a loud, heartfelt YNWA when their heads were down, don’t count when the marketing people are trying their absolute utty, to maximise income. Well they’ve done it at the expense of one more supporter.
I’ll get what I can in the November sale, but next season? No thanks. Decision made. No games next season. I’ll be a TV watcher and it’ll break my heart not to be there, but enough is enough.
About a £1000 saved, to be used for a holiday or something.
However, when our newly extended Anfield has as much atmosphere as a department store, with no renditions of “Poor Scouser Tommy”, no chants no craic at all, but resounds to the sounds of whirring cameras, iPad clicks and phones taking selfies, amid a deathly silence, I’ll still have my memories of how it was before the money took away the passion.

It truly is disappointing to see the club treating supporters with such disdain.  Worse still, in an age where money means more than loyalty, you have to wonder how bad things can still get for loyal match goers.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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