Travel made cheap and easy

It’s closing in on one month now since Mrs Bunny and I began our Visa required travel adventures through parts of Europe.  We’ve had next to no money at our disposal, no flash accommodation and most certainly not a revolving wardrobe to enhance our travel snaps.  Yep, it is the same grey hoodie and jeans that continue to pop up in my photo snaps.  And yes, I have been washing them at erm, irregular intervals.

Well, what some of you may be asking is this.  How the devil can two people enjoy a holiday with almost no funds and nights spent sleeping in shady hostels and in airport arrival halls?  The answer is simple! A sense of humour, you must have.  My furry bunny companion and I have laughed our way around.  A relatively tasteless diet of cheese on baguette’s (ham too if we felt like splurging), cheap hostels, bucket loads of walking (heels were barred from the suitcase), no alcohol, kindness of friends and most importantly, a huge splashing of laughing along the way have kept both of us sane.  In fact, with just over 24 hours until we depart for Australia, it is safe to declare this holiday one of my best on record.

Looking out over the white cliffs of Dover in England

We commenced our adventure at the end of April along the southern tip of England (Folkestone, Dover, Sandwich, Rochester, Gillingham & Deal) before heading up to Canterbury for a short stay.  From there we galloped up to Liverpool for a week.  This was part of my master plan to convince Mrs Bunny that Merseyside is the only place for two bunnie’s to live.  Ohh, the Merseyside plan is still a work in progress if you are wondering.


Next stop on the list found us in Dublin, Kat’s first time there.  She didn’t like it. Too many bars and drunkards apparently? The footy was boss though.  And we did enjoy a most splendid walking tour through the city which unravelled many great anecdotes on the rich history of Dublin.



Happy to be away from the city of slappers and alcoholics Mrs Bunny (along with Mr Bunny) was home, visiting her family in Slovakia via Budapest.  It was here that we enjoyed the simple pleasures of life.  Home cooked meals, lazy sleep ins without the mid morning check outs and a trip to the local day spa.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the highlight of this past week in Slovakia was a day trip to Budapest in Hungary.  After a short drive and train ride we found ourselves hopping about the streets of Budapest, one of Europe’s most captivating cities.  The whole day was engulfed with jaw dropping sites and quirky Hungarian intricacies.  No doubt, we shall head back at a later date as it was quite clear that one needs a good few days before you can even begin to enjoy the guilty pleasures of Budapest.


There is a good deal more I could talk about from this trip.  But that is for another time.

If you are sitting in your comfortable arm chair at home or your funky swivel chair in the office whilst reading through this blog, wishing you could travel but not sure about having enough funds to make your trip successful?  Don’t sweat it kids!  All you need is enough to get you by, a sense of adventure and an ability to step outside your comfort zone.  With this in mind you have the ability to make any trip an adventure worth remembering!

after all, you only live once……….

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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