Morrissey is back!

A little belated I know but this morning when I woke up the reality sunk in that Morrissey is back with his first new studio album since 2009.  With a release date set down for early July it is only a matter of weeks now before I can soak up the delightful sounds of England’s finest musical export from the modern era.

A happy snap I took of Morrissey when he played Brisbane in late 2011.

The album title is “World Peace Is None Of your Business” and includes the following track listing….

01 World Peace is None of Your Business 
02 Neal Cassady Drops Dead 
03 Istanbul 
04 I’m Not a Man 
05 Earth Is the Loneliest Planet 
06 Staircase at the University 
07 The Bullfighter Dies 
08 Kiss Me a Lot 
09 Smiler With Knife 
10 Kick the Bride Down the Aisle 
11 Mountjoy 
12 Oboe Concerto 

Last year Bowie made an unexpected comeback releasing the critically acclaimed “The Next Day” which took us all by surprise.  In 2014 Morrissey is back and whilst it may not be as important as Bowie’s return, I still can’t be happier with this news!  

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One thought on “Morrissey is back!

  1. Agree .. Ol Mozza is one of Manchester’s best (not forgetting Bee Gees of course) export post 60’s. Mr B. did slip out the 2011 Toy Lp, unofficial by some accounts but saying that , The Next Day Lp release and how it was done is sooooo.Mr B

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