Time to grow up?

Another weekend of matches in the NRL and another North Queensland Cowboys hard luck story.

And so it goes, the Cowboys feel unjustly treated by the referees.  In the same process their captain, Johnathan Thurston has been shown up for an incredibly spoilt brat with his behaviour immediately after the decision was made and in post match interviews.  This is the same player who was booted out of Canterbury-Bankstown in 2004 for his involvement in a rape scandal which saw a young woman attacked by no less than 7 Canterbury-Bankstown players.


It’s high time Mr Thurston grew up and began taking his medicine.  Acting like a spoilt brat, moaning at any media outlet who will listen and laying public claims on the table that the NRL is corrupt are exactly what the game does not need from one of NRL’s greatest players.

No doubt Cowboys supporters feel cheated.  And perhaps, rightly so. Given their hard luck against Manly two years ago in a knock out semi final and again last season with a seventh tackle blunder.  At the end of the day North Queensland will play over 70 matches between the start of 2012 and the end of this current campaign.  Three “dud” calls in over 70 matches aint a bad record if you ask me.  

Johnathan Thurston is a role model to tens of thousands of kids all over the country.  Each and every week his fans will, themselves, head onto playing fields and mimic his behaviour.  The role on effect caused by highly irresponsible figures in the game such as Thurston will, no doubt have a kick on effect in the game. Particularly at junior levels as Thurston gives the green light for kids in junior grades to treat referees and authority figures in the same light.

Rugby League is struggling as it is for referees with many matches being called off in recent years due to a lack of referees to cover all the games.  Why is this so?  Well, a good deal of it falls down to the continued abuse young referees cop on a weekly basis.  I’ve seen many disgusting acts carried out by parents and players towards referees and the game does not need poorly behaved grubs with the stature of Thurston continuing the damage of a wonderful game at grassroots level.

It’s time for Johnathan Thurston to man up and act like an adult.  Role models carry a responsibility and perhaps “JT” should shoulder some moving forward?

One thing i would love to see is Thurston complete a full season of refereeing the game.  I doubt he, or anyone else would have to many negative things to say about rugby league officials once he gets a taste of just how hard refereeing can be.


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