It’s time you got rid of your not so smart phone!

OK, a month or so back now my iPhone got wet and stopped working.  And, with Apple being the greed driven corporate giants they are there was never any doubt that I wouldn’t bother getting a new iPhone.  At least not at the price those vultures  were asking anyway.  Instead, I opted to use my old and barely functioning Sony smart phone that was now some five years old.  It was good enough to make a call or send a text.  Perfect.

Just on two weeks ago now Mrs Bunny decided to wash my clothes without checking the pockets.  Yep, you guessed it.  My Sony went into the machine for a jolly good bath!  Ooops…..

So where to next?  

There was a third option of course.  My little Samsung that allows you to call, text and well, not much else.  A week on and I have to say I am loving it in every way.  In fact I hardly even take it with me when I pop out.  No real need.  I hardly call people and people hardly call me and i’m not to keen on holding marathon 3 hour texting conversations of benign drivel either.  I guess you could call this latest move a win on every level.


Life without a beloved erm, smart phone is heaven.  I’ve had one for the past half decade and well, I’ve become too comfortable with the idea of them.  The damn things follow you everywhere.  They go to bed with you, they hop on the bus to work with you and then, they sometimes follow you into the toilet. Yuck!  Why do we have these things again??????

Now, let me share with you a little experience that I encountered yesterday afternoon.

Following my match I was perched on a seat at Grovely train station awaiting my train home.  At around 3:26 pm two young girls, both blonde and wearing not much in the way of clothing approached the ticket machine with great trepidation on the other side of the platform.  Both of them were in need of funds on their GoCard, which, for those of you that have lived under a rock in recent years is a travel card that allows a quick entry and exit from public transport.

Some four minutes later and the girls are still there.  It would normally take any decent person perhaps 2 minutes at most for top up their GoCard.  Not these two peroxided barbie dolls.  Four minutes in and the first of our double act had yet to finalise her transaction.  They giggled and bobbled their way through the process, constantly turning to the two young men behind them to apologise.  Perhaps, like all daft barbie dolls in our world they assume a smile will get them everywhere?  Unless of course, they are forced to use technology that doesn’t include a smart phone.

Let us fast forward to 3: 35 pm.  Some nine minutes on and the second girl is finally touching off her GoCard!  How did it takes these two special creatures so long, nine minutes in fact to perform perhaps the most simple task of their day?  I guess, in part we can put it down to the smart hone generation of the modern world.  If they don’t know something they google it.  And when they can’t refer to their smart phone for help they are lost in the bubble of “what do we do now?”

Look, i’m sure they have benefits that can be useful, though smart phones are not smart at all.  What they are doing is dumbing our society down to incredible new lows.  People are struggling to think for themselves.  Hell, we can’t even go to sleep now without having a smart phone beside us at night.  You know, just in case you wake up at 2:39 am and want to waste an hour or two on Facebook or Twitter.

I may or may not venture into the world of smart phones down the track.  for now however, I am happy to step back in time and continue using my little Samsung number.  It performs the basic functions and really, that’s all I need at the end of the day.  I don’t like the idea of technology thinking for me.  Do you?

From now on I think I will refer to these phones as dumb phones.  After all, as human being we really aren’t that clever when lobbed with a dumb phone at our side 24/7 are we?


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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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