Goal setting and staying motivated!

It’s rather difficult in this modern world to remain positive, focused and driven.  Think about it.  Every day we are greeted, no, bombarded with negative media coverage.  In Australia alone over 80% of the print media is controlled by one man, Rupert Murdoch.  

The Murdoch press operates with sinister short, sharp and bitterly nasty jabs.  It’s all part of keeping the majority in control.  Evil creatures like Rupert Murdoch want to make us believe, through mass media empires that we are here simply to exist and sure enough that is what we will think if we follow the Murdoch press mantra.  It’s what they want.  I was reading recently that over 50% of the worlds financial wealth is owned by the top 1% of the population. Scary thought process yes?  

There are currently 7.152 BILLION people living on planet earth.  Of that number……

2 BILLION live in poverty.

50% of the worlds population live on less than US$2.50 a day.

80% live on less than $10 a day.

1.1 BILLION people have inadequate access to healthy drinking water.

In 1913 there were 11 people living in poverty for every wealthy person.  By 1992 there were 72 people living in poverty for every wealthy consumer.

Those statistics (supplied by UNICEF) are enough to make any decent human being weep.  So how do you stay positive in a world where many elements are out of your control?

Recently my partner spent a few weeks on and off designing a motivational poster that we can both use on a daily basis to keep focused on the pathway ahead.  It sets out the visual aspect of what drives and motivates her.  The effect has even rubbed off on yours truly.


The first thing I see each morning is this poster. From the get go I am already feeling alive and driven towards succeeding with what the day holds in store.  I have actually completed my own, though it pales in comparison to this wonderful work of art.

Sometimes the simplest way to stay on top of your life and keep a focus on what you love doing and what makes you happy can be as simple as a hand crafted motivational poster.  Chances are if you have a daily reminder, your goals and dreams will remain in sight and become a reality instead of sitting within a collection of pipe dreams.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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