A Day Spent At Home With Foxtel

It’s 11:06 am.  I’m on a rare day at home and well, having a lazy one in front of the television.  A few minutes spent flicking from channel to channel on Foxtel has given me a good deal of nothing to enjoy.  Hell, even the doco and history channels are offering, shall we say, not much.

I’ve ended up with a show called “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” playing out before my eyes.  It’s hardly Shakespeare however it has offered a laugh.  That laugh isn’t actually at the program, more so at the brain dead morons who not only watch this dire garbage, but those who aspire to live this lifestyle.

Apparently this is what a “real” housewife is meant to look like!

The stars of the show in question are a mix of journalists, cosmetic surgery business owners, freelance writers along with an architect and a barrister.  Ohh, there is even a single mum too.  But this dreadful excuse for a human being received most of her wealth from a divorce settlement acquired through a millionaire ex-husband.  There are even private jets on show proving that even the best of us are unable to fly from Melbourne to Sydney for a business meeting.

Already, one can imagine the key word within the title of this reality drama is “real”.  How real these housewives are is most certainly up for debate.  The excessive greed being flaunted by these fleeting television celebrities is what drives this tasteless vehicle.  We are given a short  education on how to be a good mother, despite many of the shows stars utilising nannies to raise their children.

I digress.

As todays episode unravels we discover that almost everyone has written, or is on the verge of writing a book on how to be a successful business owner, mother or wife.  What else did I learn?  They all love to spend their time shopping for expensive clothes and jewelery or hosting tennis parties.  Some of the erm, ladies even stepped out for a private charity event where having botox, liposuction or a face lift is a pre-requisite.

Jst on an hour later it all came to a crashing end.  Thankfully.  And if this rubbish is any indication for where our world is headed can someone please shoot me now!

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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