When you get knocked down….

….you have no option but to bounce straight back up!

Just on 48 hours ago now I was dealt a swift right hook to the face, something I didn’t see coming.  I was told my job was gone and it was time to clear out.  Words had escaped me, however, when they did return I suspect baffled, disappointed, frustrated and confused were a few that sprang to mind.  I was only back in the joint just on two months and was now given my marching orders.

From here I was left with a choice.  Stay on the canvas and contemplate what had just occurred or, pick myself straight back up, dust myself down and soldier on.  

Naturally I have chosen the latter and have already begun seeking new work.  Of course it won’t be easy but as I have learnt in recent years there are always new beginnings and my time spent wondering about the what ifs will only delay my forward progress.  As with many jobs there are always hidden agendas and insecure people who will do their absolute best to bring what they think is their competition down.  Deluded people like that will never achieve anything special in life.  Instead, they will stay in the one place and always be searching for new ways to rip the carpet from under the feet of others.

In the years to follow I will still be travelling the world, running marathons, exploring new avenues of education and enjoying a myriad of hobbies which I love. I will never stop moving forward.  The shallow and lost souls who spend all their time living an unhappy existence will hit a time in their life, maybe 50 or even 60, then wake up to the realisation of just how hollow their life has been in front of reality television shows and living the same dreary life.  The only one they have ever known.

It’s onwards and well and truly upwards from here.  Plenty of doors are open in front of me.  Which door I chose to head through and where it shall lead me is still unknown.  But I can promise you one thing.  It most definitely won’t be boring.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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