On the buses….

Every day I make my way to and from work on the bus.  It’s only a short 25 minute journey though it gives you time to look around at the people joining you in your trek to and from the office.  If i’m not reading a good book I tend to let my eyes wander the confines of the bus.  What I see often leaves me a little disappointed.

So many commuters nowadays seem to be locked into their smart phones.  As if the world has ceased to exist outside of their iPhone.  Like brain dead zombies they flick up and down the screen, or, as i often see with young woman, they try to take sneaky selfies on the bus to presumably post on Facebook as to allow all their friends the knowledge that they are on the bus to work or uni.  Crazy!

Another worrying sight is the ever increasing amount of obese people among our society.  More than half the people on my daily commutes are a good 30 kilo’s above what they should weigh.  To be honest, if anything, it is sad to see the side effects of processed foods and a lack of passion for exercise consuming so many people.

Exercise seems a dirty word in our modern society.  Lethargic and obtuse people prefer a night in watching rubbish television instead of getting out for a run, a walk or even a session in the gym.  It’s rather sad.  Worse still these same people are obsessed with social media.

If only more people on the buses cared to pull their heads away from the iPhones and pick up a good book.  Incidentally, i’m reading my eighth book of the year thus far.  It’s a cheeky little education on The Beatles recording career.  Somehow i’d rather have my head stuck in this, learning something interesting than being glued to a small screen reading all about what everyone is eating for breakfast.  



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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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