Why are YOU in a job you hate?

It’s 6:57 am on Monday morning.  In a matter of seconds I shall hop aboard the bus to work.  I am somewhat excited to be on my way to work today, just like every other day.  Why would anyone be excited about going to their place of employment on a Monday morning you ask?  Well, dear friends, as it turns out I am one of those crazy souls that thrives within their job.  I become ever so excited about going into work every morning; jolly good book in hand and a positive attitude for the day ahead.

What I do for a living hardly sets the world on fire however, every day is different from the next, and the last.  There are challenges and moments where I am left scratching my head but overall I love my job.  It keeps me entertained with new and challenging learning curves to enjoy and embrace.

The one question I often ask myself though is why do people stay in jobs they dislike?  Why remain in a job that grinds you down, leaves you miserable and drains your passion for life?  I don’t see the point? There will always be new jobs out there for the taking.  You just have to go and find them.

If you have been unhappy in your life over the past year and think that, perhaps, it may be because you are not enjoying your current employment than challenge yourself.  Hand in your notice and move on.  Take a holiday break, go and enjoy the pleasures of travel or stay at home for a while and catch up on all those hobbies you have been putting on the back burner over recent times.  Why not even head off to Tafe or University for some further education that involves a career you are passionate about?

Life is there to be enjoyed.  Why are you letting a rubbish job hold you back from achieving your dreams?  Don’t become one of those middle aged drones that I see on the bus to work.  You know the ones.  They are 30 kilograms overweight, long in the face and weighed down by a mortgage, car loan repayments for the second car they really don’t need, credit card debts and their kids school fees.

For reasons unknown society has this expectation that having a mortgage is a key stepping stone to success in life.  Rubbish I say.  Good luck to those who take a mortgage on but I find them incredibly unnecessary.  Who honestly wants to be nailed down for 25 years whilst funding a bank managers annual holiday and pension fund?  Bollocks I say!

The happiest people I have ever met around the world have been debt free. No mortgage, no loans and most definitely not working in a job they hate.

We get one crack at life so why follow the pathway of the masses and waste it on shit you don’t need?  Go and live your life!  Abandon that job you despise.  Go on, do it!

Now, where is that pen and paper for your resignation?????

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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