People power to the fore!

It’s not often in this modern world that people power has the ability to win out.  Recently a small victory was obtained by the people of local my area.  And it was all done in a relatively short period of time to boot!

Back on January 20 this year the local Brisbane council announced “new and improved” bus and rail services for travelers around the south east.  Increased customer friendly routes and new timetables had been trumpeted for many months and once unveiled it soon became apparent that despite grandstanding these new changes as a positive move, reduced services and restricted timetables were the main changes served up.  What’s more the cost of public transport rose again only a week before, the 7th consecutive year of price rises in public transport in and around the south east of Queensland.

In my local area services had been slashed. Weekend services were now going to be non-existent before 7:30am and 3:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays would see no services before 9:30 am and nothing running past 3:30 pm.  The situation on weekday evenings made for grim reading.  There would be not one single service available after 6:00 pm!    Previously the last homeward bound service would be leaving at 9:43pm.

A small victory came for local residents this weekend just gone with an extension of the Saturday service to run up to 6:20 pm.  A victory for the people and one that shows what people can do when they band together against local governments and council establishments.

These few changes came off the back of constant emails and phone calls of complaints from local residents, myself included.  You never know if you don’t ask I say!  And the improved changes took effect within two weeks of the reductions being introduced.

Brisbane is often labelled a major tourist destination by fist pumping government leaders.  As a tourist destination however, Brisbane has a very long way to go before it can seriously be considered a leading world city.  There is very little on offer in the way of culture and arts with minimal dining and cafe experiences available. Sadly, the public transport system has become the most expensive in the world and by far one of the least functional systems.

I’ve traveled all over the world these past 15 years and in that time have enjoyed the pleasures of many a great, forward and progressive city.  It’s unfortunate that Queenslander’s seem prepared to sit back and allow a beautiful state become bludgeoned by the greed of government officials who appear blind to progression.

As small a victory as the extended bus timetable for Saturday travelers may seem it is a victory none the less for the people.  If more of us stood together against an incompetent government then the changes would be many.

C’mon Queensland!  It’s time to remind these atrocious government and council officials that they are in power to look after the people of Queensland and not line their back pockets with financial perks of the trade.

They are there to serve you!

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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