Australian’s. Ignorant, racist or just plain stupid????

This week it was announced that our government would no longer be proving us with weekly updates on the state of affairs regarding asylum seekers. If we cast our minds back to the last federal election, Tony Abbot’s main objective was to “Stop. The. Boats!”

Mr Abbott had the nation enthralled with his deception and lies on asylum seekers. Apparently we were being “overrun” by these “illegal arrivals” on a daily basis.

I guess by now now you can see the picture developing? Just in case you are a little obtuse let’s take a little sneak peak at some statistics below.

The figures Tony Abbott doesn't want you to see....
The figures Tony Abbott doesn’t want you to see….

So there you have it. Hardly a case of this nation being “overrun” by “illegal arrivals” is it now?

Yet, through the blatant lies from our government and the hideous scare mongering by the Murdoch press we are led to believe anything but the truth.

We shouldn’t forget the lies and deception that is fed to us via commercial TV networks through morning erm, news (???) and evening current affairs program’s on Channels 7, 9 and 10. They would have you believe asylum seekers come here and are given free houses, plasma screen televisions and iPads by the truck load.

Many would also argue that too much of our tax paying dollars are spent on asylum seekers. In 2011 the following amounts were spent on asylum seekers and welfare recipients.

Welfare: $19 BILLION
Asylum seekers: $3,6 BILLION

So why do Australian’s hold such provocative and uneducated views on asylum seekers? It all comes down to brainwashing and the dumbing down of our society.

On Australia Day next weekend as you wave your flags, puff your chest and promote your uneducated and racist views at the BBQ you may attend, perhaps you might be best served by getting an education on the plight of asylum seekers before shooting your mouth off?

At the end of the day we are all human beings and should be treated equally.

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