Do you feel secure?

On Christmas eve, one of the busiest travel days in Europe, Kat & I boarded a flight from Luton airport in London to Bratislava in Slovakia.  We passed through security without a fuss after having out bags scanned for explosives, drugs and erm, sharp objects.  As you do.

The funniest thing happened though.


Despite constant clarification from our governments that we are being protected in the skies the clever people at the Luton screening stations failed to pick up a little something in Kat’s carry on luggage…..

Erm, enough to do some serious damage don’t you think?  We could have gone on a rampage with those.  Slashing eyes and throats.  We could have have taken the plane if our governments would have us believe!


So how is it that with so much money spent on extra security following 9/11 that Kat was able to get these sharp objects on without a whimper from the security at one of Britains largest airports?  To be honest with you the whole security process implemented at many of England’s airports is farcical.  Governments are always telling you that your safety is their priority so they can bring those nasty tea towel wearing “terra-ists” to an abrupt halt!


Items like these enter plane cabins every day of the week all around the world, often taken on my mistake through the fault of innocent passengers.  However when your government spends billions of your tax paying dollars to allegedly keep you safe don’t you think your money should be working a little better for you?  Or maybe your government prefers to have you living in fear so they can continue to wreak havoc and steal oil profits away from countries they have no right to be in to begin with?

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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