Fun in the water…during a cold European winter!

There is a little treat for Slovakian’s to break up the cold winters that greet the people every year.  If you head to Podhajska Thermal Spa you will be treated to heavenly warm water that increase to piping hot depending on which pool you chose to jump into.  During the summer months this place is a full blown water park however it narrows down to a series of pool in the winter months.  The main pool even has a bar where you can drink alcohol in the water!

Yes, a bar in the pool!

We trundled into the water of the first first pool, which is where I notice the bar in the water.  The whole atmosphere of this spa was perfect for families, couples and friends just wanting to have a splash and warm up from the winter cold.


After a short while we moved to the mineral rich hot spa in the open air.  It was just delicious!


The spa attracts not just Slovaks but people from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria along with the odd Australian.  For just 8 Euro’s you are able to spend two full hours in the spa complex which seems like a long time to be in the water yet it flies by so quickly!  Should you ever travel to Europe make sure you head to Slovakia for these thermal spa’s alone.  You can even book into accommodation within the complex for up to a week and relax away.  You might even meet some new friends as I did outside…..

Meeting new friends made easy
Meeting new friends made easy

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