Singing in the rain!

I went for a bit of a run today so I could meet Kat after she finished work.  I had promised her this morning when the weather was looking pretty that as a dedication of my love for her I would meet her following the completion of her final shift at The Perfume Shop!

However, by the time the afternoon rolled along the weather looked grim but that didn’t stop me!  As I stepped out the mood in the skies almost instantly turned nasty as a storm rolled in.  None the less I soldiered on with my headphones enlightening my sense with a BBC Radio 6 music podcast to keep me company.  A few short minutes into the journey I encountered rather strong winds and rain by the lake.  Then the heavy rain started.

Things seemed OK at the start despite the choppy waters…..

Pressing on I soon found myself amid some rather gloomy and uncomfortable stormy surrounds with the river chopping and rolling about.

“It’s OK for now.” I thought to myself.  Besides it was kind of romantic to soldier on through the wind and the rain to meet my better half on her last day of work before Crimbo rolled in.  Pretty romantic if you ask me hey?  I can also use this story as a back up when I end up in the dog house down the track.  Clever plan of attack methinks!

In actual fact I do like the idea of being outdoors when the weather gets a little grim.  It’s kind of.  Well, kind of exciting in a way.  I can honestly see why people go missing in severe storms.

Getting wet and a little windy but I hardened up and kept pushing….

Fast forward yet another twenty minutes and I was starting to regret my bold decision to push on as I was now being blown sideways thanks to a most lovely round of gale forced winds.  On the plus side I was thoroughly enjoying my BBC Radio 6 music podcast!

By the time I made it two thirds of the way through the run it now became more of a difficult walk.  I was in serious need of some shelter but the views from the top of the hill were a little cool as the dense clouds had settled in over Milton Keynes.  You know, had I stopped taking ridiculous selfies in the middle of this I would have been at my destination by the time this next photo was taken.  Irony much?

Yep, not the smartest move to run or erm, even walk!

On the plus side of all this I did see some interesting sculptures along the way.

I am always pondering why sculptures like these are erected in empty parklands….?

An hour later my adventure had seen me arrive at my destination, Milton Keynes shopping centre, where Kat was finishing work.  Next stop?  Slovakia for Christmas.  The adventure is almost over.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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