Poor perhaps but exceptionally happy…..

The lights are a little low but when I write that is just how I like it.  Upon my iPad there is a replay of the 2011 John Peel BBC radio lecture with Pete Townsend giving a lecture on the music industry.  A fab podcast I must say!  More importantly my bank account is all but empty and I have never been happier!

So how can anyone be happy when they have no money?  Well, it all boils down to the fact that I have everything I want in life.  And thankfully money is most definitely not one of them.

First and foremost I have my health.  I can stand up at any moment, walk into the kitchen and sort myself a cup of tea.  There is no reliance on a wheelchair or a personal aid to help me wipe my backside after using the toilet.  Anything I want to do, I can do.

So what could possibly make me happy once I make that cup of tea?

Just a few yards away from me in the next room sits a book.  Not just any book, it is a copy of “War & Peace” by Tolstoy.  It comes in at around 1,400 pages in length.  A massive effort to clear all the pages yet, no doubt an enjoyable read awaits.  Once I complete that delicious classic there are more lying in wait.  Morrissey’s new autobiography, “Stasiland” by Anna Funder, “A Short History of England” by acclaimed author, Simon Jenkins, Richard Branson’s autobiography and the updated version of David Buckley’s “Strange Fascination”, perhaps one of the best biographies written about David Bowie.  Ohh, then at the end of that pile should I get as far there are another couple of biographies on The Smiths which will no doubt capture my attention for a few days at the very least.

So I have some books to read.  What else is there?  By now I must need a splash of money to entertain myself yes?

Well, the next slice of entertainment in my life that keeps me happy is something that dates back to 1860.  It is, of course, recorded music.  I bought my first album, a cassette tape in 1992, aged 15.  Almost 22 years later I have amassed some 3,500 compact discs and around ten crates of vinyl records.  On this laptop there are around 200 gig’s worth of music to embrace and enjoy.  There are many artists, far too many to remind myself of the diversity in music I am lucky to own.  One thing I do know there is more than enough to keep me happy for a very long time.

So what if I am not in the mood for audible tunes?  Well, I guess perhaps I can head out for a run.

Running has always been a passion of mine.  It keeps me healthy and active and can be done is almost any climate and, should I choose at any time of the day or night.  Crazy as this may sound I find running to be a wondrous source of entertainment. Weather I am out on my own or pounding the pavement with friends running is for me is most enjoyable.  Either way it is a form of entertainment that is absolutely free!

OK, I don’t feel like running and I am not interested in reading or even listening to Suede’s latest album.  What next?

A few months ago I had the absolute pleasure of meeting a girl who has changed my life for the greater good.  Upon meeting the sumptuous Katarina I have slowly come back to the realisation that the quality of people around you dictate how pleasurable your life is.  Our most memorable moments encapsulating our life together so far have cost us diddley squat.  Not a single penny!  It has been the walks in the park, along the beach, numerous evenings spent enjoying one anothers conversations and company that has made this the most pleasurable period of my life to date.

Being poor is brilliant.  In fact I love having no money as it allows me to open my mind to other forms of entertainment and stimulation.  Despite having no money my world could not be better.

Money is something that we don’t really require in our lives.  The sooner you realise this the better off you shall be,…………..

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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