The people you meet……

Bushfires are raging in Sydney.  The airport has been reduced to just the one runway.  Flights are being canceled at regular intervals. Am I going to make it back to Brisbane tonight?  Well, yes, I did make it home on a flight that left Sydney domestic some ninety minutes late.  Not so bad really as I had music in my ears to entertain me and the latest edition of FourFourTwo magazine.  As I took my seat in row 19 I was about to have one of the more pleasurable flights in recent memory.

A sophisticated gentlemen, perhaps in his late forties took his place next to me and instantly noticed my Liverpool tattoo upon my left arm.  This recognition ignited a conversation of football from my new English friend, Mike.  Accompanying Mike was his business associate, Danni and for the entire flight we didn’t stop talking, laughing and attempting to solve the problems engulfing this modern world.  Mike and Danni had been on the road around Australia for the past two weeks setting up medical supply sales for their company, only recently set up.

We spent a good deal of the early conversation waxing lyrical over England’s woeful performances on the world football stage in recent years and collecting programs from a bygone era.  Then we moved onto travel and business before brushing over British comedy and finally landing on ways to solve the worlds political and social problems.  It really was a wonderful way to spend the flight.

Once landed we shared a taxi into the city to save on the the excessive train fares being charged these days before going our separate ways.  As we shook hands Mike handed me his business card and made me promise that I would contact him when next in England for a few beers and a football match.

Most of the time travel on planes can see you get into a bit of a grind however every now and then you meet some lovely people who remind you why you find your way around various cities and countries to begin with.  And tonight was one of those amazing nights of travel on a plane.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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