When is it too much?

As many of you know, I don’t drive and as such I spend a good deal of my time on buses and trains.  The benefits of riding public transport is the time allowed to read books, listen to music and, most of all, people watch.  When you undertake a session of people watching you notice and discover a lot about others.  Be it the way they respond to crowds, their ability to comprehend which bus they need to jump or perhaps even minimalist habits such biting finger nails, playing with hair or cracking knuckles.

We are a strange breed indeed.  

Recently I have been rather fortunate to stumble along an amazing young woman who has grounded me and reinforced my views that you don’t need money or materialistic possessions to be happy with your lot in life.  Kat has been an inspiring breath of fresh air.  If I am being honest, we struggle to keep our hands off one another.  Put it down to early doors perhaps but we love showing affection to each other.  Holding hands, kissing, cuddles or even a simple hug makes us smile from ear to ear.  I must admit it is a blissful feeling, one that I have not encountered for some time now.  

An interesting observation I have noticed when we have been out together are the high levels of offence taken to our affection.  A common catch phrase directed towards us is the old chestnut, “Get a room!” which, I must add at this juncture is sprouted even when we are just sharing a kiss.  Strange.

So why is it that when two lovers show public affection they are howled down with venom?  You would like to think seeing two people happy together would evoke positive and happy emotions in others.  Perhaps, even inspire others to  be more positive themselves towards their partner or friends through a smile, a hug or a compliment?  

I take offence to things I see in public too mind.  I don’t like seeing morbidly obese people munching away on McDonalds.  Nor do I like seeing aggressive and angry people.  And don’t even start me on rude people.  You know the ones. However, at the end of the day there is not much I can do about other peoples habits. We all have choices in life.  So if one man feels he is happy by not offering his seat on a bus to a lady or elderly person that is his choice.  As much I find that kind of behaviour repulsive it remains his choice.

My greatest pet hate would be the drones who sit on public transport, glued to their phones whilst wasting time playing rubbish games as they dredge their way to another day in the office.  They often look so miserable with the world around them.  Next time you are on a train take a look around you and try to find passengers smiling.  Try and find people laughing.  It’s like finding a hens tooth!

So why do we frown on affectionate and happy couples in public?  Should we not applaud and embrace their behaviour? Should we not instead be howling down the rude people?  Or should we not be ashamed of the lazy ones carrying excess weight whilst chomping down on another Big Mac?  Why don’t we spend more time embracing the happy people around us? 

Perhaps the next time you think of shouting down at a happy couple for kissing you would be best to stop and think why happy people make you so angry?  Is it your own unhappiness shining through?  So much so that you feel angered seeing others enjoying what you don’t have yourself? Your healthy bank balance won’t make you happy.  Nor will your flash BMW.  And if you think a large house packed with plasma screens and objects will bring you a happy life then you are indeed one heavily deluded human being.

Society finds romantic couples offensive yet we happily let multi-national companies rape and pillage third world nations through slave labour.  And we happily allow America to take on a role as “world police” and dictate how sovereign nations operate yet we get upset over two people sharing a kiss in the park?  Then we see a fight break out between men in a bar.  Instead of stopping it we get our camera phones out, film it, wax lyrical about it and post it on youtube.  Seriously?

Get out of your dull and soulless existence.  Travel the world and get an education in life.  Most of all, stop being so angry at people who are genuinely happy together.  

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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