My week of (almost) no technology…..

Well, how did it go?  An entire working week with no technology, healthy eating and a good deal of exploring.  It is safe to say I failed on a few fronts.  There were times when I needed to turn on my phone because of personal reasons or to check work related emails however, there were also a few proper cheeky moments where I just could not resist a quick glance at Facebook.  Rather poor form on my behalf I must declare!

The week began with news that my mother is suffering from emphysema and is now only able to move about with the aid of a walking frame.  I guess you kind of imagine that your parents will always be there, preferably in a healthy state.  When the cards don’t fall the way you expect it can sometimes be a little tricky as your mind adjusts to life without the ones you love around you.  Despite her poor health mum is managing to soldier on.  I am in awe of her fighting spirit!

Not having my mobile phone with me was like a breath of fresh air.  That little device which is almost always by my side found a new home that did not include being anywhere near me for most of the week.  Something I noticed more and more as my experiment unfolded was the absurd addiction to mobile phones people share today.  Sitting on trains, eating in cafes or just walking around the traps, it became apparent that a majority of our population have a sickness that seems like it won’t be slowing down any time soon.  Surely people can manage a day or two without wasting hours surfing Facebook or sending pointless text messages to friends?  Maybe not?


At the start of the week I enjoyed a most pleasurable bush walk along the New South Wales coastline.  All in all we covered 27 km’s up and down hills, along cliff faces as well as enjoying some rest periods on a couple of beautiful beaches.  It was a sublime challenge and allowed me to meet two new friends who were both inspiring for many reasons.  Communicating with people is so much more enjoyable when they are not distracted by a phone.  

Being out in the sun, eating well and enjoying a few runs during the evening was also a major attraction to having a week away from technology.  By Wednesday I wasn’t even missing my tech gadgets.  In fact by this point of the experiment I was rather glad that  my days were free from the evil clutches of my phone, iPad and social media.  Our resounding addiction to gadgets and the internet have slowly killed off our genuine social skills.  It is sad to see the world in such a poor state when it comes to basic interaction between human beings.  

So given the opportunity would you consider leaving your phone at home more often?  As hard as you think it might be the reality is you don’t need a mobile phone.  You don’t need an iPad and more importantly you don’t need to spend every waking moment glued to Twitter and Facebook.  Get back to basics, stop being sold up the river by multinational companies and realize that it is much more enjoyable to interact face to face with friends and family.  Stop “liking” what your friends are up to and go join them for a cup of tea, minus the phone, and talk about what you have been up to in the flesh.

Despite the hiccups, this little experiment reinforced my belief that our society is far too reliant on technology.  From now on my phone will be spending more time at home when I am out.  Maybe it’s time you followed suit yourself? 

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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