Getting a little heated……

There are times in your life where you find yourself in a position where you are given the opportunity think long and hard about what you are about to do.  A few evenings back now I was in a position where I had little to no time to think about the events that were about to take place. So I went ahead with what would turn into a steamy and perhaps cheeky tumble in a shopping mall by the beach as the night passed by the witching hour.

OK, so you have made it this far I see?  In getting to this early stage of the story you are now aware that the words to follow may be a little explicit for the sensitive thoughts of some readers.  The events that unfolded involved a little bit of kissing and fondling between two people who simply cannot keep their hands off each other!  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I shall begin……….

A fantastic night out was heading to a close.  Kat and I were on our way home from visiting family in a nearby suburb when we found ourselves in the midst a short walk from the station, through the mall and around the corner to Kat’s apartment.  We’d indulged ourselves in a few wines through the night which led to some wandering hands and kisses as we stumbled home.  Somewhere in the middle of the Cronulla mall we stopped to share a kiss.  This little kiss turned into something that had us both in a spot of bother some moments later.

It is at this juncture that I should mention both Kat and I have very dirty minds and some, shall we say “interesting” interludes to recount from our past.  Our first few weeks together have seen numerous heated exchanges, many in the public domain where we have struggled to keep our hands off each other!  For reasons unknown we are both similar in just about every way.  Passers by on any given day would have mistaken us for teenagers in love for the first time.  I digress.

Now, where were we? That’s right, sharing a kiss in the middle of an empty mall during the early hours of the morning.

Feeling a little adventurous and, perhaps with the remnants of wine still in our system I asked Kat to take our kiss to another level.  She knew exactly what I was insinuating and immediately dropped to her knees before lowering my jeans, lowering my pants and proceeding to continue with her kisses in a place that perhaps most people would not expect them to go at this time of night in a public space.  Who was I to argue?

Nervously, I kept my eyes peeled out for any potential interruptions from unsuspecting members of the public.  So far, so good. After a few minutes I was feeling like I really was the luckiest man in the world, or perhaps, at least Sydney on this fine and balmy evening. In hindsight this should have been about the time where I counted my blessings and encouraged the concept of continuing our flirtatious adventure in the private confines of Kat’s bedroom.  However, following my motto to “just be David” in 2013 I quickly realised this was not going to happen.  With that thought I lifted Kat’s hungry mouth from down below and gave her some more lustful kisses.  In doing so I led her over to a side lane off the mall.  It was here where the real fun commenced and also where trouble would soon follow.

As many experienced readers will understand the best way to move the frolicking up to a higher level here is by doing something the ancient Greeks were well known for.  Bend her over, lift up that tiny little black dress I’d been wanting to rip off Kat all night and get down to some dirty, filthy and kinky fun under the stars.  Still, as all public exhibitionist types will know you always have to keep your guard up to ensure there are no unwanted interruptions.   As I began to enjoy the fruits of a now truly x-rated adventure the sound of a car near by pricked my attention, pardon the pun!

At first I didn’t make much of it however soon after the sound of a humming engine drew near.  I expected it was just some late night cleaners in a small vehicle making their way down the mall to empty the bins.  If they happened to see what was unfolding in their travels then I was guessing they wouldn’t mind too much.  This is where I made a mistake of epic proportions!

The sound of a small vehicle turned out to be the roar of a Police wagon.  They had pulled up near by and two officers jumped out, the female of the party yelling at us to stop!  And stop we did!  Now, here is the point where your heart begins to race a little faster.  Sadly for the wrong reasons.  More so because our female officer seemed to be mighty upset with our escapade.  As Constable “grumpy” and her partner moved in it was clearly apparent that there may not be the happy ending to my frisky fun that I first hoped for.

With a harsh and deep tone Constable “grumpy” informed us that they had been watching the whole affair unfold on CCTV back in the station, only a few hundred metres away.  Did this make them accessories to the crime?  I thought it best holding back on any cheeky comments for now as the book came out and Constable “grumpy” began to write us up.  Her mellow sidekick by now had a grin as wide as Sydney heads on his face.  It was obvious he could see, and enjoy the humorous side to our predicament.

Asking to see our identification cards the potential arresting officer quickly reached for a rubber glove before accepting our identification we had offered her to confirm our names and addresses.  What was she expecting to find on our plastic cards produced in front of her I wondered?  At this point I would like to submit in evidence that the side kick on hand, a young male officer who barely uttered two words remained motionless with his smile, still beaming high and wide. It was apparent he was going to be our potential get out of jail card if we played our hand right.

And so it was as he briefly spoke to his senior partner, perhaps wise words of advice that, in the wider scheme of things our offence was hardly one to waste Police man hours on.  With her new-found advice Constable “grumpy” began to take on a more timid role.  It is here where she decided that, in all reality a simple “official warning” would suffice and on that note we were sent on our way home.

Despite a heavy temptation to continue our flirtatious fun outside the apartment block Kat and I resisted, for now at least and made out way inside where the night was far from finishing.  So what did we learn from the night?  Well, it appears the local law enforcers of Cronulla enjoy the odd slice of adult entertainment on their CCTV screens.  And in saying as much, I suspect next time we may not be so lucky, particularly if Constable “grumpy” were to cross our paths once more.

It is a shame that two lovers are not able to express themselves at any given time.  Perhaps my open mind is too open for Australian standards?  Or perhaps I really am a dirty little perv?  Who knows?  Either way the fun most definitely won’t be stopping here.  Kat and I don’t know where these adventures are going but we both promise one thing to you now.  It won’t be a boring ride!

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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