A must see film!

If ever there was a film that best depicts the eccentric lifestyle of a modern twenty-something look no further than the latest offering from Director, Noah Baumbach who shines with his latest big screen offering, “France Ha”.


Set in the the bohemian world of New York City at the turn of the twenty first century, Baumbach’s sixth feature, co written with the films star, Greta Gerwig, traces the life of dancer, Frances Halladay and her trials and tribulations of finding herself after being forced to move out of the flat she has shared with her best friend for life, Sophie.  What transpires is a calamity of mistakes and lessons learned as Frances soon realises she is the only un-datable woman in the city of New York.   What follows is a courageous and funny adventure through the eyes of our starlet.

Upon parting ways with her best friend, Frances soon learns that her career as a dancer has come crashing down and, in turn, the realisation that she will have to find another pathway in life. This leads her to some desperate and intriguing interludes as she attempts to chase new and brilliant adventures.

Greta Gerwig shines as a writer and star of “Frances Ha”

As the hopeless romantic searches for Mr Right and a new career in a new town, Frances finds out more about herself in 6 short months on her own than perhaps she ever would had she remained in her previous comfort zone with Sophie.

There is a delicious charm about this feature that will have you warming towards the lead character in quick time.  The dedicated and at times awkward love for friends, family and even foes has you leaving the cinema with a craving to begin restoring all the burnt bridges from your very own past.  “Frances Ha” also reinforces the often known, yet regularly overlooked element of life that. to help your dreams come to fruition you have to get out there and make it happen yourself.

This is a delightful and highly entertaining film which will have you rushing home to re-address the direction that you wish for your life to take.

The only direction I have to offer you after seeing “Frances Ha” for myself is that you take yourself along to your local cinema and catch this crafty and witty gem of a feature.

Four stars out of five from me!

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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