How do we define a hero?

One of the most pleasing sights of the year thus far fell into my inbox this afternoon.  This image is one of immense bravery and empowerment.

Making a stance.  Tilda Swinton stand up for basic human rights!
Making a stance. Tilda Swinton stand up for basic human rights!

Tilda Swinton is a world renowned Academy Award winning actress best known for her roles in “Burn After Reading”, “Sleepwalkers” and “Michael Clayton”, a role she won her Oscar for in 2007.  Her stand against the new homosexual propaganda bill outside the Kremlin in Russia was most certainly a brave decision.  One that could have had her arrested, detained, charged and imprisoned under the new Russian laws.  Despite all this Tilda still went ahead with the photograph to lend her continued support to gay and lesbian rights.

The only sickening aspect of this image to me is that is shows we still live in a world where basic human rights are taken away from people in countries that continue to remain firmly implanted in the 1950’s with their stance against homosexuality!  Australia is still yet to act on new laws passed in progressive countries such as England, Mexico, Denmark, Brazil and even sections of the United States.

Why does Australia still drag her heels kicking and screaming into the new century?  Please share this image with as many people as you can!  It is important that Australia moves forward and allows new laws for gay and lesbian couples to pass now and not later.  It boils down to basic human rights.

Tilda Swinton, we applaud your stance and thank you for your strong actions that will, in time allow the ignorant to progress into a modern and more accepting world.  Your act is one of true heroics.

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