The kindness of others……

My day at work yesterday began like any other Saturday morning with a 7 km road run, a bus and a train to get to work on time for my 7 am start. Feeling fresh as a daisy my morning took a slight turn for the worst by the time midday clocked over.

A nasty little headache chose to inhabit my head not long before finishing work.  This can sometimes be a worry because I don’t really get headaches, though when I do they become bell ringers!  Normally my health is tip top condition.  Come to think of it I never seem to get sick with colds, ailments and the myriad of of injuries that often strike people down.  

By the time I boarded my first bus home I sensed something was not quite right.  The vibrations from the moving bus sent my headache over the edge and the seeds of a migraine were rapidly growing.  As I pulled into the Cultural Centre busway to change buses I felt, with a few minutes rest to calm my head the situation would improve.  I had broken out in a cold sweat which was coupled with the feeling of a baseball bat slamming into my head.  That would be the best way to describe the pain within at this time.  A few moments of fresh air and sunshine left me feeling as though I could battle on home.

My connecting bus ride lasted all of two stops before I had to step off at The Mater Hill busway station.  It was here that my first bought of vomit came to the fore. Fellow travellers must have assumed I had a nasty hangover as I crouched over in the corner by the drinks machine on the platform.  Once I felt well enough to stand up I made my way to the toilets of The Mater Hospital over the road.  For a fleeting moment I thought of checking into A&E though i held back knowing the last thing they need are people like me clogging up the system.  Instead I spent almost an hour in the toilet, outside on a bench seat and then back in the toilet.  The pain in my head was, by now at breaking point.  I felt like I was going to pass out and despite two further bouts of vomit and long spell on the toilet the situation was not improving as I hoped it would.

I attempted to suck it up and get home to my bed where I could try and sleep it off.  This meant finding my way back over to the busway platform.  When your head hurts this much every little noise appears intense. Every movement leaves you grimacing with pain.  I wouldn’t wish this feeling on my worst enemy!  

The next bus trip got me as far as one stop further down.  Within seconds of getting on board I could feel yet another delicious load of vomit making its way upwards.  I held it in my mouth, when, after alighting from the bus I dived off and raced over to prop myself up against a wall where my release sprayed all over the footpath below and my shoes.  By this stage I felt I was in serious trouble and dearly wished I had gone to A&E at The Mater.   

There are moments at times like these when you desperately wish for a passerby to stop and offer help.  Luck would have it that a young lady driving a bus pulled in and offered such help.  She gave me headache tablets, water and comfort.  It was a beautiful gesture and helped me pull it together so I could finish the journey home.

I don’t know what I would have done had this kind lady not come to my aid.  My only regret is not being able to get the bus number she was driving or her name so I can write her a proper thank you note.  

Regardless I am very thankful such a wonderful and generous helping hand by a complete stranger.  

Some three hours after leaving work I finally arrived home and fell into bed where I slept for a hearty six hours solid before grabbing some dinner then sleeping through the rest of the night.

Whenever you see someone in need, be it a friend or stranger always make sure you go out of your way for them.  You never know when you might just need a helping hand yourself.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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