Spoilt brat or the fabric of modern society?


The month of August is proving to be a difficult one for both Luis Suarez and Liverpool Football Club.  As the new season looms Suarez has been banished from training with the club whilst his ongoing public spat over a desire to leave Liverpool in search of Champions League football continues.  It has become a drawn out saga that neither the player or the club want.

Media outlets the world over are in raptures over the dispute that has now escalated to a public slanging match between the manager, Brendan Rodgers and the 26-year-old Uruguayan menace which has no signs of slowing down any time soon.  Liverpool need to put a full stop on this issue before it begins to derail the promising season that sits in wait for the Merseyside club. The Suarez debacle however is an indicative of society today.  What we have is a player who has spat the dummy and thrown his toys out of the pram.  This has all followed Liverpool’s continued support the striker following his somewhat chequered career at the club which has seen him banned 3 times by the FA, more recently for biting Chelsea’s Bratislan Ivanovich’s arm at Anfield late last season.  His current 10 match ban will see Suarez miss the first 6 matches of the new campaign.

In January this year Suarez stated “I have a contract with Liverpool and I am very happy here.  I will stay.” 

Over the summer however, Suarez has awarded interviews with numerous newspapers, radio and TV networks that have listened to his desire to play Champions League football.  The knock on effect resulted in Suarez seeking a legal out in his contract with the club that still has four years to run.  Liverpool have stood firm and expect the player to honour his contract whilst rejecting two big money bids from Arsenal, the most recent being £40,000,001 on the nose.

Unfortunately for his admirers, Luis Suarez has spent the English summer acting like a spoilt brat.  His behaviour is indicative of modern society where by he feels if he throws a big enough tantrum he will get what he wants.  The harsh reality is the boy signed a long-term contract extension only twelve months ago now but has since stated that, firstly he would be able to leave if a substantial bid was tabled, and more recently that he had a promise from the club that they would allow him to leave should Liverpool not qualified for this seasons Champions League.

It’s time for Suarez to grow up!  Just on a year ago now he willingly signed a contract extension which he is obliged to honour. Liverpool Football Club has stood firmly behind the Uruguayan from the outset and it is high time Suarez showed some respect to not only the paper he signed but the club, the supporters and his team mates.  Liverpool need to stand firm and make him stay despite his childish antics.  An example needs to be set and now is the time to do it!  Overnight, John Henry, Principle owner of Liverpool Football Club set the record straight declaring that Luis Suarez will not be sold in this transfer window and for now he is best advised to settle down to his job at hand.

Brendan Rodgers has also come out stating “There were no promises made…this is a lack of respect for a club that has given him everything”

Drastic as it may seem the definitive option for Liverpool to draw on now is force Suarez to honour his contract.  If the player continues to step out of line the club will have no other option but to sit him on the bench until he learns his lesson the hard way.  If that requires the remainder of this season and even the next to sort him out, then it must be done.  Liverpool need to set an example to not just the sporting world but society in general.  It has become far too acceptable in our current climate to throw your toys out of the pram if things don’t fall your way.  Life is about learning and not all lessons are the ones we desire.

This week club legend Jamie Carragher made his views clear in an article for the Liverpool Echo reinforcing Rodgers view. “He can’t carry on the way he’s been carrying on. Brendan Rodgers has come out and said that nobody is bigger than the club and that’s exactly right”

I admire Luis Suarez for this wonderful talent he has brought to Anfield in recent times.  I’ve backed him to the hilt over his many indiscretions however now the thread is nigh on bare and it is time he grew up and acted like the grown man he is and not the petulant little brat he has fast become over the English summer.

The whole saga surrounding Luis Suarez is an example of the fabric that has encapsulated modern society.  It’s time Suarez was taught a tough lesson about respect and honour.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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