American soldier rapes 14 year old girl

In March 2003 US Forces invaded Iraq, against the wishes of the United Nations to overthrow then current leader Saddam Hussein.  In doing so the American forces destroyed multiple cities with regular bombings and at last count have murdered over 1,000,000 innocent civilians through their actions.  The result of this highly illegal war has cost the United States government more then $3.4 trillion over the past decade.  Yep, that’s $3.4 trillion!  

As the Americans continue to bomb, murder, rape and pilfer nations around the world the rate of homeless people on US soil has risen dramatically in recent years to a scale where an estimated 1.6 million Americans were homeless at some point in 2011.  The money plundered on the illegal invasion of Iraq could have gone a long way to solving the homeless situation on home soil.  The money could have been used instead to provide free University education for all, improve multiple issues within the health system or fund a sustainable green energy system.

There are many examples where things have gone bad in Iraq.  One such example came in 2006 when Steven Green, a former 101st Airborne soldier raped and murdered a 14 year old girl in Mahmoudiya.  After raping his victim he continued, with the assistance of other American soldiers to murder his rape victim after he had already killed the victims sister and parents.

The 14 year old victim who was raped and murdered by US soldiers

Serving five life sentences for his crime Green went on record to state that “I didn’t think of Iraqi’s as human beings.” 

At the Iraqi family home, two soldiers pulled the elder sister into one room, while Green held the mother, father and youngest daughter in another.  Another soldier stood guard in the hall. As two soldiers raped the teen, Green shot the three family members, killing them instantly. 

He then went into the next room and raped his 14 year old victim, before shooting her in the head. The soldiers lit her remains on fire before leaving. Another soldier stood watch a short distance away at the checkpoint.

With no end in sight to America’s “war on terror” it is inevitable that we shall be reading more stories like this over the coming years.  There is already a plentiful supply of examples where US soldiers have raped and murdered civilians for cheap thrills. The greatest shame of these crimes has been the effort made by the United States government and media outlets to sweep stories like this under the carpet.  Why would they do this you ask?  To justify the corporate greed that has engulfed the western world in recent decades.

The next time your iPhone screen cracks or you can’t get tickets to the latest event think of this story and thank you lucky stars that you live, for the most part in a free society.

And if you still believe that war is good in any capacity it reveals just how deluded and morally corrupt you yourself are as a human being.

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