Fancy meeting you!

OK, I have to admit one thing.  I am still a teenage boy when it comes to music.  When a new album comes out by one of my favourite artists you can be sure I will have the album the day of release.  It comes home with me where I share my magical moments of listening for the first time on the hi fi whilst reading through the liner notes and lyrics booklet.

So when the chance comes to meet one of my idols it almost always comes with some trepidation. You have this fear within that the artist you are about to meet won’t live up to expectations. Not so a couple of weeks ago now, when in London I was rather fortunate to meet Sarah Blasko at the Barbican Theatre.


On the way to the venue I bumped into a lovely lady from Sarah’s UK record label, in turn meeting a great bunch of gig goers.  And thanks to being introduced to these lovely people I had the astute pleasure of meeting Sarah for the first time.


Sarah makes for great conversation and despite  being worn out from a long day that began at 4 am she was up for a laugh and a bit of a chat. Fabbo I do say.

As always Sarah delivered a brilliant performance on stage promoting her latest album, “I Awake” as part of her full European tour.

ohh, the set list was a proper belter…

1. (Explain)

2. All I Want

3. Bird On A Wire

4. Lost & Defeated

5. We Won’t Run

6. Sleeper Awake

7. I Awake

8. An Arrow

9. Bury This

10. God Fearing

11. All of Me

12. New Country

13. Here

14. Illusory Light

15. Fool

16. Cast The Net


17. An Oyster, A Pearl

18. Not Yet

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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