Happiness Project Update

So we have landed in April it seems and firmly into the second quarter of 2013.

Something that has been asked of me more and more in recent weeks has been about this happiness project and if it has genuinely made me a happier person?  In short the answer is a firm yes.  Everything I have touched in recent months has turned to gold.  There really isn’t one aspect of my life that I am not happy with.  Job, house, friends and hobbies are all looking rather sound.  What I have pondered of late is the how and why.  How have I made myself happier and why am I happier?

The first aspect that I was adamant on changing this year was being a better person to other people.  Be it strangers or friends I have made a more concerted effort to make other people happy.  My methods have been wide and varied.  From offering to pay for lunches, opening doors,  offering sears on public transport, allowing others off the bus first, smiling at strangers, paying bills for family members, giving things away and encouraging others to excel in their chosen field or with their favourite hobby.  I feel deep down far more contented than I ever have at any stage in my life before.  There is something to be said for offering gestures of kindness to others.

Another vast improvement has been on a personal level.  My fitness levels have never before been at such high levels.  Well, not for a good 15 years anyway.  Thanks to my good friend Steve who also plays the roles of landlord, semi-house mate and training buddy I have put in countless hours on the roads of my local area through running.  Two weeks ago I managed to knock up 100 km’s for the week, something I had never done before in my life.  And a good deal of this dedication and effort has come off the back of training with Steve.  He is one amazingly inspiring human being who only ever has good things to say about people  and will always be the first one to offer encouragement in so many ways.  He’s been there at 5 am to get me up for our road runs when I would have otherwise taken the soft option to noded myself back into sleep.  

So aside from trying harder to help others and keeping fit and healthy what else has been a success so far in my happiness project?

Self belief is something we often overlook in moving forward in life.  When we look back at our personal achievements it is more than likely self belief that got us over the line.  So why do we sometimes lack self belief?  Fear of the unknown?  To carry self belief in our day to day life isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  It is a trait we have to learn to install deep within ourselves.  But when you do carry it with you every day the difficult tasks become that much simpler.  

Another element I have been working hard on is the “do it now” approach.  If something lands on my desk at work, a chore at home pops up or I decide to try something, regardless of the time of day I have tried my best to “do it now” and I must say this fresh approach is working well. The day to day runnings of life have become far more efficient. Being the great procrastinator that I once was it has been difficult taking on this particular challenge however it is providing me with rewarding results.

I’m off to Europe in just under 12 hours from now so one thing is for certain that 2013 is only going to continue on the up and up.

See you all soon.

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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