2013 Happiness Project Update

So how is my 2013 happiness project going?  We have now seen the end of February, the second month down with ten to go.  And what has changed so far?

My plans to run more have fallen into place.  I have to say I have not felt this fit in a long time and with the Twilight half marathon only 2 weeks away and the Brighton full marathon just 6 weeks off the real challenges on that front are about to come to a head.  I’m quietly confident I will knock over all my fitness challenges in 2013 with ease.
Being a more generous person has had some wonderful side effects which has left me relaxed and smiling a good deal more.  Thankfully I have surrounded myself with some wonderful and positive people.  My new flat is turning out to be a dream move and I have some wonderful new friends in my life.
My new job is proving to be one of the most rewarding I have held in a long while.  Coupled with my second job the money is rolling into my savings and allowing me keep busy in the process.  And now with the new season of refereeing well under way the next 6 months or so are going to fly!  On top of all this I have my trip to Europe next month and plans in the pipes for Kilimanjaro and other adventures later in the year.  
Something I have been working hard on is being a better person to others.  Opening doors for strangers, smiling more at people and offering to help where ever I can, be it spotting a chap money for his bus fare or buying lollies for the guys at work are working wonders.  They say it is the little things that count and I am thoroughly enjoying this aspect of the happiness project.  I’m also trying to be more of a “yes” man which has made for some late nights catching up with friends over dinner or at the movies.  Even if I am dead tired and longing for my bed I’ve refused to say no where I can help it.  Funnily enough I tend to wake up the next morning with a little buzz that I was able to keep my promise of seeing friends.  Those who know me well can vouch that I am often the one to pull out on late notice.  A bad habit I am slowly eradicating.
Ohh good lord, how remiss of me.  There is something rather important that has already made 2013 a smashingly brilliant year for me.  David Bowie’s new studio album is released this Friday and thanks to a free stream on iTunes I have managed to listen to it in full around seven or eight times now. OK, perhaps I might have given it more like 20 listens.  Still, it’s a cracking album and is garnering 4 and 5 star reviews from all the major media outlets.  The critics are loving it, the fans are adoring it and fingers crossed the general music public embrace it in droves.  This truly is a classic Bowie album.  So damn good to have him back in our lives!
Another task I have on the agenda this year is learning French.  Thus far I have looked into a handful of courses.  Some seem expensive for what they offer and others are on the same nights as training with provides me with a problem.  If anyone knows of a good French course that runs on a Wednesday night please feel free to drop me a line.
Now, what on earth is March going to serve up?

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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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