Running for Amnesty!

2013 just continues to get better with every passing day.

Something that has been close to my heart in recent years is the work Amnesty International continue to do for human rights violations the world over.  Two years ago I signed up to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with the hope of raising awareness and much needed funds for Amnesty International.  
Various hurdles appeared in my fund raising efforts over late 2011 and the best part of 2012 with other contributing factors also hindering the process.  Despite all these obstacles I have so far raised $3,700 AU for Amnesty.  However I am yet to climb Kili.
As part of my new year resolutions I wanted to make sure that I finished the job I started and made my way to the summit of Africa’s highest peak in 2013.  To increase the challenge I wanted to include a few little extras to toughen up the process of my awareness and fund raising efforts.  And what better way to do this than set some running goals.
The big challenge of 2013 has only just begun.  Between now and December I will run 6 full marathons, a selection of half marathons and a massive target to complete the 240 km Coast to Kosciuszko ultra marathon starting on December 8.  To gain entry to this race I will have to complete a 100 km super marathon on the Gold Coast in June.
This will be an amazing challenge as the year progresses and once the ball is rolling I shall keep you posted on my running and trekking progress.  Below you will find a list of dates and events that are thus far on the hit list.  A new Facebook page will be arriving next week with more information on how you can donate to Amnesty International and stop human rights violations the world over.
MARCH 24:  21.5 km Twilight Half Marathon, St. Lucia, Brisbane 
APRIL 14:  42.2 km Brighton Full Marathon, England
JUNE:  100 km Super Marathon, Gold Coast
JULY 7:  42.2 km Gold Coast Airport Full Marathon
JULY 21: 21.5 km Doomben Half Marathon, Brisbane
AUGUST 4:  42.2 km Brisbane Full Marathon
AUGUST 25:  42.2 km Sunshine Coast Full Marathon
SEPTEMBER 29:  42.2 km Berlin Full Marathon, Germany
NOVEMBER: Mt Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania, Africa
DECEMBER 8:  240 km Coast to Kosciuszko
The sixth full marathon is yet to be decided and as soon as it is I will update you all.
A massive challenge awaits, one I am looking very much forward to conquering and one I hope you will enjoy following me on. 

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