January. What a month!

So the first month of my 2013 happiness project will be coming to a close in a few hours from now.  It’s been an absolutely fantastic month to begin the year with many changes that have already forced me out of my comfort zone.  The question remains.  Just how good was it and what were those magical changes?

The year began with a double time shift at the bakery I had been working at on the Gold Coast over the festive season.  It was an enjoyable month or so whilst I was in-between contracts of my regular job at QLD Health.  I had also picked up work on reception at my local gym which begs the question as to why so many people refuse to take on jobs that they consider below them as a stop gap between their more desired roles?  But that question can be left for another blog.

Something that is important to me in 2013 was to increase my good deeds.  This month my focus was on public transport.  Letting people off first, offering my seat to other passengers and saying thank you to drivers where I could.  They are only small things but if we all took the same attitude to public transport then the ride would always make for a smoother journey.

My running goals had started well.  In the first week of the month I had clocked up over 50 km’s on the road.  As the weeks progressed my fitness began to hit highs I had not felt since mind 2009.  I’m even fitting into clothes I have not worn in nigh on 3 years.  The only down side was missing out on my first planned half marathon of the year at Victoria Point last weekend due to unforeseen circumstances.  

My travel goals were set in place with dates being set aside for Europe in April, May, October and November with my Kilimanjaro trek for Amnesty International at long last set down for early October.  It will be an amazing buzz to reach Africa’s highest peek and in doing so raising much needed awareness for a wonderful charity that fights for human rights, something very near to my heart.  

January 8 is my hand picked “day of the month” with news on the first David Bowie album in 10 years being announced.  The day also marked his first single release in many moons with “Where Are We Now” peaking at number 6 in the UK charts.  The album itself, “The Next Day” will be out on March 15 in this country.  I’ve been a dedicated and, some would suggest an obsessive Bowie fan for 21 years now.  Wouldn’t have it any other way mind.  The music world is so much better off then Bowie is releasing albums.  

Ohh, I should mention that Suede, another of my most loved bands will be releasing their new album, “Bloodsports” on the same day as Bowie here in Oz.  

Another set of goals for the start of the new year meant I would be reading more books and seeing more films.  Thus far I am satisfied that both are turning out rather well.  Finding time to read can be a tricky prospect in this modern world in which we reside.  My plan of attack was to look for the opportunities where I could squeeze in ten or twenty pages without too much fuss.  This involved sneaking in time on buses and trains as well as setting aside dedicated time when at home.  Through these means I have completed no less than four books.  Result!

I’ve also found more time in the diary to see more films.  My love of movies came in high school when I was introduced to the magic of Hitchcock.  Since then my passion and love of the perverse, diverse and strangeness in cinema has grown so strong that movie watching is now an addiction.  Over the course of this month I managed to rack up no less than seven films at a combination of cinemas.  My second home at The Palace Barracks did get a proper tasty working over though.  Pick of the month?  Would have to be the new Tarantino work, “Django: Unchained”, which you must see if you have not already done so.

More impressive news came at the commencement of January with confirmation I would be starting my new contract with QLD Health in workplace relations at the PA Hospital.  Thus far the role has proved to be a fantastic new challenge.  The sort of job you get excited about every morning to be there.  

Only last night I confirmed my new place of residence.  After two years living with my little ginger buddy, JK, I am moving on to new pastures this very weekend.  It’s been wonderful living with JK.  He has hands down been the best flat mate I have ever had the honour of living with.  A wonderful guy who would do anything for you.  You could suggest he fits the bill of the perfect friend.

Also confirmed last night was news that Liverpool FC will be coming to Australia in July as part of their 2013/14 pre-season tour.  With matches in Melbourne and Sydney set down what made me more than a little excited is that they will be playing in Sydney, my place of birth on July 27, just one day after my birthday!

Now, for those of you who know me I don’t drink a great deal, however I will be doing my share of boozing up whilst the red men are in town that is one promise I can assure you of.  Something like a four or five day bender in Sydney and Melbourne to celebrate my 36th birthday watching Liverpool FC, my greatest love?  Dreams do come true!

So there you have.  Just the tip on the ice berg of January.  A fine start to my 2013 happiness project.  How has it all come about?  Well, I put it down to positive energy and surrounding myself with the right people.  

I’m off to work now.  Liverpool are up 2-0 against Arsenal with only 25 minutes remaining which means the month is very much complete.  


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Born and raised in Sydney. Well travelled. I have a deep love for live theatre, music and the arts. Ohh, I may also have a deep love for Liverpool Football Club!

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